Welcome to Yakima County Fire District No. 5’s web page. I hope that you find it informative and entertaining as you browse our site.

On June 11, 1947 Yakima County Fire District No. 5 was formed following a vote of the people in the lower Yakima valley. Beginning at approximately 400 square miles and growing to approximately 750 square miles of protected land today, Fire District 5 remains the largest fire district in Washington. Today 180 dedicated Volunteer Fire Fighters and 19 career personnel of Yakima County Fire District No. 5 protect approximately 45,000 rural residents from White Swan to Grandview. Owning over one hundred pieces of apparatus the District provides a wide array of services to the public including fire protection, BLS medical services, and fire prevention.

Whether you live in our great valley or are just visiting Fire District No 5 is prepared to serve you. With sixteen fire stations strategically placed throughout the lower valley, in your time of need you will receive professional and highly trained individuals responding to your emergency.

Considering Fire District No. 5 is predominantly served by dedicated Volunteer Fire Fighters we are constantly recruiting to enhance our membership. Never pass up an opportunity to give back to your community and a good way to accomplish this is by becoming a Volunteer Fire Fighter. A simple phone call into the District’s head office can get you started on your way to protecting your community.

Thank you for visiting our web site and remember without having willing individuals to answer the alarm, the alarm may go unanswered. Volunteer today by calling 509-829-5111. 



Fire Chief Brian Vogel